Location: Chicago, Illinois
Client: Lakeview Chamber of Commerce
Timeline: 2017 Ongoing

In Spring 2017, PORT was awarded the commission by the Lakeview Chamber of Commerce (SSA #27) to lead the design of key nodes to establish design guidelines, alignment and a long-term strategy for the Lakeview Low-Line project. The Low-Line is currently an underutilized right-of-way and CTA maintenance vehicle route under the CTA Brown Line elevated train tracks that is informally used by the neighboring community, most commonly as a short-cut to and from the Paulina CTA station. The long-term Low-Line project intends to transform this space into a continuous, half-mile long walkway and garden beneath the CTA ‘L’ tracks, allowing it to become a new community amenity and unique connector between the Lincoln Ave. and Southport commercial corridors. Construction is anticipated to begin in early 2018.

PORT_LakeviewLowLine_Plan Drawings Scale 1-01PORT_LakeviewLowLine_Plan Drawings Scale 1-01
17_0419_PORT_LakeviewLowLine-6-Low-Line Paulina-Ashland Sites and Connections-117_0419_PORT_LakeviewLowLine-6-Low-Line Paulina-Ashland Sites and Connections-1